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How To Guide for Writers

Our writing platform is designed to make finding jobs a breeze.

This post will show you how to get started using our simple platform so that you can start earning money right away. However, before you start it’s important that you read this guide in full as we have some special requirements that you must understand, specifically our link building requirements.

Many writers make the same mistakes when they are starting and this guide is meant to prevent that so don’t skip it.

Link Building Articles

The majority of work we process at Content Hourlies involves content that is used for link building campaigns.

To reduce revision requests, and frustration of our clients it’s important that you understand how to insert a link the proper way using what we call an anchor text (the link text) and a URL, the actual link itself.

When you scroll down this page we explain how to do this both with our own WordPress editor as well as with Microsoft Word, but before you scroll down keep on reading.

Do not use Google Docs?

We strongly recommend not to use Google Docs, the reason is that when you copy an article from Google Docs that additional HTML code gets copied with it, which leaves a massive footprint when we publish the content on our private network.

If you decide to use Google Docs nonetheless you will receive an awful lot of revision requests asking you to remove the redundant HTML code from your article, which is a lot of extra work so try to get used to MS Word or use our own editor to prevent this.

Picking Up Work

After your account is approved, you can start browsing open orders. When you sign in, you will be directed to your dashboard. This area shows you an overview of orders you are working on (Orders to Complete), orders waiting to be accepted after submission (Pending Review) and completed orders (Approved Orders).

Here is what the screen looks like:

To find work, click the “Find Jobs” link in the menu. You’ll see a list of orders you can choose from.

Click the small green plus sign to learn more about the order. If the client needs multiple articles to complete their project, each available article will appear when you click the plus sign.

In this example, Dennis has several articles he needs written at the 3-star level. Each article should be 700 words and include the link he listed. If you completed one of these articles, you would earn $11.20. You are allowed to only accept one article at a time, so the time limit shouldn’t be a hurden!

To accept an article and start writing, click the write article button. Do not start writing until you click the button.

Once you click the button, you will be taken to the writing screen automatically. You can also view the article in your Dashboard. If you need to get to the article from your dashboard, click the “start writing” button in the green box as illustrated below:

Understanding the Writing Screen

The writing screen is very straightforward. You’ll see the project title, style requested, purpose, and any special instructions the client left. In this example, our client wants link building content. In his instructions, he requests a broad topic centered around the link. You’ll have to include the anchor text naturally into your article, so your subject shouldn’t be too far of a stretch!

Here are a few good examples of link building content:

Anchor/Subject Article Topic
bulldog 3 Great Tricks to Teach Your New Puppy
smartphone How to Teach Grandma about Text Messaging
taco recipe Dinners You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less
drapes Trendy Color Combinations for Your Living Room
paperclips How to Organize Your Paperwork

You can be as creative as you like, just remember that these links do reflect businesses. Your topic shouldn’t be too far of a stretch or discuss topics that are inappropriate.

Here are a few bad examples of link building content:

Anchor/Subject Article Topic
bulldog Why You Should Buy an Aquarium
smartphone 3 Things Teachers Should Remove from Classrooms
taco recipe Great Places to Find Pizza Recipes
drapes The Benefits of Leaving Your Windows Open
paperclips How to Quit Your Desk Job

Notice how the bad examples could likely include the anchor texts? Just not in a very positive light. Your goal is to encourage people to click the link you are providing. This means the link included needs to make logical sense. People aren’t going to want to learn about bulldogs if they are reading about aquariums. If they are reading about quitting their job, they probably don’t care about buying paperclips.

You can write and edit your content using the text boxes on the screen. Be sure to include the requested link using the correct anchor text. Make sure the anchor text is inserted naturally into the article.

Example one:

Anchor text: grow applies

Good: One of the tastiest fruits you can eat is an apple, you can grow apples in your own backyard.

Bad: There are dozens of fruits you can put in your lunch box. Grow apples. Fruit will make a great addition to your lunch.

Example two:

Anchor text: learn more

Good: Apples are a healthy addition to your lunch, you can click here to learn more about apples.

Bad: For centuries, people have enjoyed eating apples. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from. Learn more.

Inserting the link using our editor:

If you use the editor on our submit page (which you can see below, eg a standard WordPress editor) you have to highlight the anchor text by selecting it with your mouse, and click the small paperclip icon. A small window pops up where you carefully paste the URL. After that you should hover with your mouse over the link to make sure it is correct before submitting.

Inserting the link using Microsoft Word

When you use MS Word, you first select the text you want to link with your mouse, in this case ‘learn more’ (1). After that you click on the Insert tab, in my case it says Invoegen as my version is in Dutch (2). Next you click on the globe with the paperclip symbol that says hyperlink (3). Finally you enter the URL in the address bar of the windows that pops up (4). That’s it!

Insert Hyperlink MS Word

When you copy the article from Microsoft Word to our editor do make sure the link is still in place by hovering your mouse over it.

Once you have completed your work, make sure to proofread it. After correcting any errors, hit the blue “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen.

If you need to cancel an order for any reason, hit the green “Cancel” button at the bottom of the screen. Please do not just wait for the article to time out! Hitting the “Cancel” button allows you to immediately select another article to work on.

Collecting Payment

Once your article is submitted, the client will review it. They can ask you for revisions if needed. Once the article is approved you will see the money appear in your account balance. Payment is made every Thursday via PayPal.

If anything is unclear feel free to email us at