Content Hourlies Works [CHW] Token – Content Hourlies

Introduction to the Content Hourlies Work token

Content Hourlies is a freelance platform for writers with ambitions to expand it to a wide range of professions. 

Our ultimate goal is to decentralize freelance work, and provide freelancers with a platform where they don’t have to worry about getting paid, and clients the option to hire freelancers without paying a markup. 

We use our token to reward freelancers, clients, and volunteers that will provide quality control. Without a token it wouldn’t be possible to run a zero-commission freelance platform.

Use Cases

Discount for Clients

Clients that use the CHW token to purchase services will receive 50% discount on the current commission fee to cover operating costs.

Rewards for Writers

We’ve set up a reward system for our writers with weekly leaderboards based on the amount of content they’ve written.

Bonus Program

Every new client will receive 100 CHW tokens as a welcome bonus, and for each job they review they will receive 5 additional tokens.

Our Team

Dennis Hamming

Founder Content Hourlies

Santosh Sharma

Project Manager

Ryan Friedman

Creative Advisor

Robert Hoekstra

Marketing Advisor

Javier López

Advisor / Dev

Ryan Brown

Community Manager

ROADMAP 2018-2019

Q3 2018
  • Free token distribution for existing clients.
  • Realize 50% discount on commission fee by using tokens to pay the fee.
  • Availability of tokens on Content Hourlies.
  • Research payment API for users to deposit / withdraw tokens.
  • Set up several bounty campaigns.
  • Launch a social media campaign.
Q4 2018
  • Finalize token deposit / withdrawal system on Content Hourlies
  • Realize token reward system for clients.
  • Realize token reward system for freelancers.
  • Use raised funds to enhance the platform to make sending & receiving of tokens easier.
  • Engage with influencers and stakeholders in the freelancing industry to develop relationships.
Q1 2019
  • Partner with industry leaders to try and integrate the token in their platforms as well.
  • Develop relationships with stakeholders in the industry.
  • Brand it for different demographics for use around the world.
  • Coin listing on exchange.
Q2 2019
  • Listing on third party exchange.
  • Implement token as a way for clients to pay and waive commission fee completely.
  • Enable the token to be white labelled.
Q3 2019
  • Develop a mobile app for easier access to the technology.
  • Translate the platform into different languages.
  • Use influencers to take the token to the status it needs to be.
Q4 2019
  • Going decentralized and making the token the only accepted form of payment.
  • Market the token globally as the only freelancing currency.

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Contract address: 0xd4a8748ddd8673216c879764c54147ea83c803a9