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Ranking Fast with the Most Basic PBN Links [Experiment]

In this case study we are going to try to rank a site in only four months with the most basic PBN links.

We had a bit of a slow start and little to no progress to update in the first four weeks.

It takes a little longer in 2017 to rank sites from absolutely nowhere but right now we’re two months in and we’ve consolidated some decent rankings already.

One of our main keywords often pops up at #18 and sometimes disappears again, our other main keyword with significantly more search volume, 4400 searches/month pops up at #31 and drops back to #200ish.

The below screenshot illustrates the progress from the past two months for our secondary keyword:

Secondary Main Keyword

This is our primary main keyword:

Primary-Main Keyword

Which is a lot less stable as you can see.

Amount of links built so far

The counter is at 55 links out of 120 links that I have scheduled for this experiment.

In case this experiment fails I will redirect the domain to one of my more authoritive sites, which can definitely handle this amount of links as it has links from 800+ websites so far, and counting.

Here is a quick overview of traffic according to Statcounter as well, as you can see it’s getting a little more dense, though nothing impressive here either:

Traffic Metrics

You really need to rank at the first page of Google to receive considerable traffic.

Considering we’re only two months in, and considering it usually takes twelve months for a brand new site to show any progress the site isn’t performing that bad at all, whether it sticks is an entirely different question as we’re going quite aggressive with the links.

Perhaps a little too aggressive but time will tell.

Next month I will update this case study again, but if you like to receive more regular updates and advice on how to improve your rankings in Google I welcome you to join our group on Facebook, where we discuss everything related to search engine optimization and content marketing in general.