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Let’s Build an Authority Site Together [Journey]

In this case study, I want to rank an authority site in the home improvement / DIY niche.

When you build these types of websites, your goal is not to rank specific keywords. Due to the size of an authority website, there are simply too many pages and keywords to try to rank. Instead, you are going to let Google decide what it likes and what it doesn’t. The key to making this method work is finding a lot of keywords with very low search volume and posting massive amounts of content.

As I build the website, I am going to need to invest heavily in backlinks. Instead of pointing these links to individual pages, I will be more focused on the homepage and category pages. This allows me to get the most out of each link and creates a more natural flow.

Month 1

The website isn’t ready yet. I still have a lot of content that needs to be published; however, I did build 10 strong backlinks to the homepage. This will help us get a little bit of traffic to the new domain. I only used backlinks from my premium blog network.

I haven’t added the website to my Google Webmaster account or StatCounter yet. For now, we will have to use SEMrush to get our statistics.

The website currently ranks for 41 keywords, although none of them are anywhere near page one. This makes sense, as the website currently has zero traffic.

I registered this domain in December, and I haven’t done much with it. I published a total of 18 blog posts in February and built 10 links to the homepage shortly after.

Below is a screenshot of Majestic. While I only built 10 backlinks, I have already attracted three additional ones from scraper sites. They move very fast! Majestic was able to find 9 of my premium network domains, as I don’t block crawlers. I don’t want to give off the wrong signals and prefer to keep everything looking natural.

Majestic says that 71 URLs are indexed; however a few thousand pages will be indexed shortly, so you can ignore that number.

Google shows 41 results, even though I only published 18 posts. The majority of these results are category and archive pages.

My plan for next month:

I already have 38 more articles ready to post, so that is going to be my main focus. I plan on building another 10 to 20 backlinks, spread over the home and category pages. Once I’ve built up some authority and the site looks decent, I will contact some people to exchange guest posts with. Currently, I am using a default WordPress theme, so I will need to make some adjustments.

In about two months, the website will have a TF15 with over 50 referring domains. This is much more impressive, so it should be easier to trade links.

Rather than focus on guest posts, I am building an asset. Then, I will be able to apply some white hat link building techniques.

Hopefully, the website will start to attract some traffic and rank for a few hundred keywords.

So once again, stay tuned and see you next month!

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